Hilliard Women's Wellness Expo

Are you ready to get fit and healthy?

The BEst of wellness

Hilliard Women’s Wellness Expo is designed to empower women with natural resources to overcome their personal health struggles and reach their goals.

The emphasis of this expo will be learning about alternative medicine and practical lifestyle changes that maximize your health naturally, without drugs or surgeries

the Makoy Center in Hilliard, OH on August 8th, 2020

Saturday – Free Parking and General Admission Entry 

General Admission 10am-2pm
*VIP* Early Entry 9am

Come out and join us for *FREE* interactive classes in nutrition, clean cosmetics, fitness, and overall health-related conditions.

Join local health businesses and vendors sharing their trades and knowledge to maximize your health goals.

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You may be aware, millions of women are suffering and dying each year from chronic diseases like: Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, Weight Loss Resistance, Thyroid Conditions and more…

Traditionally, these conditions are treated with medications and surgeries.  However, the solution within these conditions can be found in healthy lifestyle choices, which not only have zero side effects, but correct the conditions to unlock your fullest health potential!

The vendors and information at this expo will be like none other!  All health conscious, like-minded people working to help you succeed with all your health goals.

Some examples of what you get from this expo will include but are not limited to:


What to expect

 How to create a workout plan that is enjoyable and realistic with your busy schedule

A better understanding of key supplements: WHAT to take, WHY to take, WHEN to take

How to regain or maximize your health with food, including 5 powerful tips for fat loss

The Dirty Dozens of Cosemetics. Learn which ingredients in cosmetics to avoid

Help solving a specific health concern like digestive problems, heart conditions, autoimmunity, inflammation or other.

Proven ways to protect your bone density, beat arthritis naturally and avoid common aches and pains – headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain…


 the event Schedule


 *VIP ONLY* EARLY Access – 9:00AM-9:15AM- to meet and greet with the hosts of the event, vendors, AND EXCLUSIVE HEALTH CLASS that you will not want to miss!

**VIP ONLY EARLY Access** – 9:15AM-10AM – Thyroid / Adrenal / Stress – Root Causes and Solutions

10:00AM-10:20AM– Registration and General Admission Opening

10:20AM-10:40AM Supercharge Your Brain – Improving Brain Function, Mood, Memory and Mindset!

11:00PM-11:20AM– Maximized Fitness: Get our Top 5 Female Fitness Secrets for Weight Loss!

11:30PM-12:00PM– Healing with Food: Learn how to kick start you metabolism and improve you health!

12:10PM-12:30PM– Longevity & Anti-aging – Find out why people in “Blue Zones” live longer than the rest of the world!

12:40PM-1:00PM– “The Dirty Dozen of Cosmetics” Learn about which ingredients are toxic in your products and less toxic alternatives in your health and beauty products

1:10-1:30PM– Beating Arthritis Naturally- Protect your Bones Density, Avoid Arthritis, Eliminate Neck or Back Pain.

1:30PM-2:00PM– Grand Prize Drawings -Meet with the doctors and vendors!

    • Visit our website, hilliardwomenswellnessexpo.com, for more information and participating local vendors and brands.

      Register now so you don’t miss out! All friends and family members are welcome!

      Special *VIP* Passes Available, Special perks will be offered for those who purchase a VIP pass

      • Early event entry – 1 hour EARLY access to meet and greet with the hosts of the event and vendors. Coffee and organic refreshments will be provided.
      • VIP only access to our exclusive Thyroid /Adrenal/ Stress Class going over root causes and natural solutions. From 10:15-11:00am.
      • Premium seating area – VIP will have front and center reserved seating with extra space.
      • Digital copy of our most desirable workshop: Nutrition 101 with 7 day Meal Plan/Recipes
      • **EXCLUSIVE** swag bag with extra goodies, the softest t-shirt available, 20% off product coupon, extra samples of all our sponsored products
      • 1 Extra entry to grand prize raffle – This includes an extra chance to win a Vitamix (valued at $499)
      • A free scheduled 15 minute 1 on 1 consultation with a certified, holistic clinical nutritionist to help you with your specific health goals.


      VIP tickets will be $97 at the door; however, previous years have SOLD OUT. Secure your ticket today by purchasing HERE on Eventbrite for a special $25 VIP package!


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    Event date & Times

    Saturday August 8th, 2020

    General Admission 10am-2pm

    **VIP Admission 9am** – 1 Hour Early